Rick Cohen

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Rick Cohen/Clements – Director/Producer/Writer/Editor/Actor

Richard “Rick” Cohen/Clements is an award-winning director, writer, producer, editor as well as an actor in the entertainment industry. After his tour of duty on the University of Pennsylvania’s Ivy League championship football teams circa ‘83-‘86, (first 10-0 undefeated Ivy League squad in history).

1983 Freshman squad

1986 10-0 University of Pennsylvania seniors in 2016 – Football vs Brown; Homecoming

Rick graduated with a B.A. in Communications from the Annenberg School.  After a stint at NYU film school, Rick appeared in numerous national TV commercials and films earning his SAG card way back in 1988.  In 1993, Rick earned his WGA card by selling two screenplays in Hollywood to major studios. From 1991-2000, he was a working screenwriter and West Coast Director of Writer’s Boot Camp.

In 2001, Rick moved to Atlanta and opened Endorphin Entertainment & Endorphin Athletes, two video production companies that specialize in documentary style filmmaking within the sports genre.

In 2006-09, Rick’s first film, “Faded Glory,” was a national sensation, putting Rick on the map as a filmmaker. FG took home five audience awards on the film festival tour in ’09 and received both domestic and international distribution deals. The film was released theatrically in April, 2010.

In 2009, “And the Lord said…Smack ‘em in the Mouth” received high praise for its gutty portrayal of Christian football in the south exposing the dichotomy of God vs. Violence.  The film played between the Georgia High School Football championship games on PBS and played in the shorts category at film festivals around the country.

In 2010, Endorphin Entertainment joined forces with FishEye Media Productions to produce “Season of a Lifetime.”  (https://seasonofalifetime.tv) Rick directed, wrote and edited this amazing story of High School Football Coach Jeremy Williams battling ALS in his last season. The film was picked up by Word Entertainment (the faith-based division of Warner Brothers) and Lifeway, the company behind the faith-based monsters “Courageous” and “Facing the Giants” and was released in the summer of 2013-2016. It appeared on NETFLIX, Hulu and Amazon for three years!

In 2011, Rick directed and produced another PBS sports film, “Dome to Dome.”  Rick followed the Walton Raiders in Marietta, Georgia through their entire season as they tried to do what no Cobb County football team had ever done before—go undefeated Dome to Dome.

In 2013, Rick directed the final film in his high school football trilogy in Georgia. “Walk East” is the incredible story of Walker Head Football John East who came back to his first love after 20 years out of the game to lead Walker to their first undefeated regular season in school history.

In 2013, Rick added radio to his resume, co-hosting a sports entertainment segment on CBS affiliate 92.9 THE GAME.

in 2013, Rick produced a feature short “The Never Was Been” with ESPN 30 for 30 “Run, Ricky, Run” director Sean Pamphilon. They plan on doing the festival circuit in 2014. He also produced an addendum short to his award-winning documentary “Faded Glory” called “Faded Glory 2: Extra Innings.”

In 2014 – DEATH RACE: IF NOT NOW…WHEN? – a documentary on the ultimate endurance sports event which was shot during that summer, was put on hold for legal complications.

Next up:

The RICK BARRY DOCUMENTARY – THE BARRY BUNCH – Partnering with Mandalay Sports Media, this is the documentary of on one of the great basketball families in history, lead by the patriarch Rick Barry.

MASSILLON,  an historical feature mini-series on the 1906 Canton Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers first professional football Super Bowl that ended in a scandal.

PEACHTREE BATTLE, a Fargoesque/ Breaking Bad in the South TV-series based on the 5 Moon series books written by award-winning novelist, Jack Watts,

CALIVADA a futuristic, apocalyptic thriller, and finally GAME CHANGER, a comedy about the first openly gay football player in the NFL.

Rick is also writing his self-help book, INNINGS: an inspirational how-to-change your life and find your higher purpose guide.

Rick is currently seeking funds for his narrative feature film directing debut, “DENTON’S INFERNO.” he has a distribution deal with NEHST Studios and Digifilms and has partial financing. He hopes to start production in 2016.

Rick, divorced, has raised two children who now are adults: Jacob, 21, a senior at Kennesaw State University….

….and Alexandra (Lexie) 19, a graduate of the Pebblebrook School of Performing Arts who is a sophomore at Pace University in NYC and works as a fashion model for Major Model Mgmt in NYC. Lexie is a 5-tool player: singer-songwriter, actress, model and political activist.


In January of 2015, Rick moved back to Los Angeles where he used to live from 1991-2000. He now has several TV reality shows under contract with companies such as EOne, 5×5 Media, and Trooper.

In October of 2016, Rick was inducted into the National Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame for his 28 years of service as a manager/player as well as his excellence on and off the baseball fields. He has won 5 national championships in various leagues (NABA & MSBL) and age divisions  (35+, 45+, 50+) and has been named MVP twice.

Rick is the ultimate adventurer/risk-taker. In May of 2016, he solo-navigated the remote island of Lanai, Hawaii, a 38 mile trek in 14 hours.